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Mark Gibeau reviews The Rise and Fall of Modern Japanese Literature by John Whittier Treat

Mark Gibeau
25 February 2019

In his 1998 book, Japanese Literature as ‘fluctuation’ (‘Yuragi’ no nihon bungaku), Komori Yōichi deconstructs the concept of ‘modern Japanese literature’ by More

David Throsby reviews 'Piracy'

David Throsby
04 May 2011

When members of the rock band Men at Work recorded their legendary hit ‘Down Under’ in the early 1980s, they wanted to inject a stronger sense of Australianness into the song, so they included a flute riff of a few bars echoing the classic Australian children’s chorus ‘Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree’, just as one might, in a different geographical con ... More