'Diary Poem: Uses of Liquid Nitrogen', a new poem by Jennifer Maiden.

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'Balcony 2', a new poem by Kate Middleton. ... (read more)
'The Grandfather', a new poem by Michael Farrell. ... (read more)
'Co. Kerry', a new poem by Paul Kane. ... (read more)

The Internet doesn’t tell me
where they’ve gone, my predeceased
contemporaries. It’s
a lengthening list though the more

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Out on the viewing platform you look down,
From heights of sky
The wind-hit storeys try to scrape,
At this grand canyon of a cityscape

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after Tom Roberts


Holding the ram in awkward embrace,
he comprehends gravity while watching
the shearers charge through their task.

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He tells me a woman more exquisite, more exotic
than any of the luminous objects found in the zodiac,
will come into my life. Yasodhara, I ask? He stays
silent, turns to a farmer and tells him he’ll lose

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legendary discovery by Sigismund Freud
(also known as Golden Sigi)
no other
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But wait, there’s more – as when the hummingbird
flies backwards for the hell of it, or
the odd flamingo’s pinkened up by snacking
on blue-green algae. Aeschylus, potted

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