August 2015, no. 373

Welcome to the August issue! Highlights this month include a profile of Nobel Prize-nominated novelist Gerald Murnane written by Shannon Burns, our current ABR Patrons’ Fellow, and the latest travelogue from the wild side from Scott McCulloch – a Letter from Athens. Other features include Rachel Buchanan on the thalidomide cover-up and Billy Griffiths on the row between Nixon and Whitlam. Miles Franklin Literary Award-winner Sofie Laguna is our Open Page guest and Alison Croggon is our Critic of the Month. We also have reviews of new fiction by John Kinsella, Paddy O’Reilly, and Gregory Day; and Peter Goldsworthy on Clive James’s latest poetry collection. No wonder Michael Cathcart of Books and Arts described ABR as ‘Australia’s foremost literary magazine’.

August 2015, no. 373

'The scientist of his own experience: A Profile of Gerald Murnane' by Shannon Burns

Shannon Burns

The town of Goroke (population six hundred) stands almost exactly between Melbourne and Adelaide, in the Wimmera region of Victoria. It is, in many ways, a typical small country town. If you drive there in the morning during late spring or early summer, you’ll need ...

Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Sentenced to Life' by Clive James

Peter Goldsworthy

Clive James’s series of memoirs began in 1980 with the Unreliable one. Thirty-five years and four more very funny books later, the Five Lives of Clive have been rounded with a sixth: a slim volume of poems. It is probably also the most reliable, as if, parado ...

'Letter from Athens' by Scott McCulloch

Scott McCulloch

Behind Omonoia Square I check into a cheap hotel, one that mainly sleeps prostitutes and their customers. The receptionist is worn – nicotine fingers, few teeth, sharp cheekbones, gaunt features. His flesh is as green as old tattoos. Leading me down the dank hallway ...

Debra Adelaide reviews 'Peripheral Vision' by Paddy O'Reilly

Debra Adelaide

Just as there are ways of writing short story collections, there are also ways of reading them. I used to be a rummager, picking through collections, seeking out the title piece, dipping in here and there to ascertain the feel of the stories, then reading the book fro ...

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