Peter Conrad

Peter Conrad: Verdi and/or Wagner; and Jonathan Brown: Great Wagner Conductors

Robert Gibson
23 May 2012

Two contrary and paramount composers

Robert Gibson


Verdi and/or Wagner: Two Men, Two Worlds, Two Centuries
by Peter Conrad
Thames & Hudson, $49.95 hb, 384 pp, 9780500515938


Great Wagner Conductors: A Listener’s Companion
by Jo ... More

Peter Conrad reviews 'The Hanging Garden' by Patrick White

Peter Conrad
21 March 2012

‘Genius,’ as Arthur Rimbaud put it, ‘is childhood recovered at will.’ Rimbaud himself abandoned poetry at the age of twenty and thereafter refused to look back, but Patrick White exemplified the rule in writing The Hanging Garden. He was sixty-eight at the time, and had just completed his rancorous memoir Flaws in the Glass (1981); having d ... More

Open Page with Peter Conrad

25 February 2012

Why do you write?

It’s the one thing I know how to do. I could never catch a ball when I was a kid, couldn’t balance on a bike, can’t drive a car – not to mention other inadequacies. It’s a relief to think that I have one area of competence, relatively ... More