June 2009, no. 312

June 2009, no. 312

Welcome to the June 2009 issue of Australian Book Review. 

The Letters of Samuel Beckett, Vol. 1: 1929–1940 edited by Martha Dow Fehsenfeld and Lois More Overbeck

Fairweather by Murray Bail

The Striped World by Emma Jones

Thanks For The Mammaries edited by Sarah Darmody

HEAT 19: Trappers Way edited by Ivor Indyk

Boom & Bust: Bird stories for a dry country edited by Libby Robin, Robert Heinsohn and Leo Joseph

Disco Boy by Dominic Knight

The Diamond Anchor by Jennifer Mills & The China Garden by Kristina Olsson

Look Who’s Morphing by Tom Cho & Why She Loves Him by Wendy James