States of Poetry 2016 - New South Wales | 'Ascriptions' by Pam Brown

I love the whole world
          she said,
  without sounding

           (Agnes Martin
                          said it)

I love arctic phlox
     have never seen it


a bit 'light'
on equipment –
        a T-square
        & a tape measure

      might need extra
                   for researching

                to avoid
              grains of salt


(an ascription)
               Agnes Martin
               was a lesbian

she often
denied it

                  how her lovers
                  took that?


&, now,
a new question

               for Moe Tucker

(Velvets drummer)

why why
      the Tea Party?

about the way
we're being led
towards socialism

                    (Moe Tucker
                               said it)

no no no Moe
'we're' not
       that's the trouble

politics though
can happen
with what
       the rich & the socialites
       & technology

           couldn't play
            a perfect roll
for a million dollars


never mattered


Agnes Martin,
              had she lived
              long long long,
 might have been
      Tea Party

her capable paintings
put me
to sleep
            (reproduction only)

making a map
      of hints
      & clues

you'll never know
          you ask
          the women


I dream another grid


Pam Brown

Pam Brown

Pam Brown

Pam Brown is a dedicated professional amateur who has published many books, chapbooks and an e-book. She has been actively involved in a diverse gamut of poetic activity since the 1970s. Pam is a contributing editor for several magazines and independent publishers, most recently, for Cordite Poetry Review. In 2014 she edited ten booklets of new transnational poetry, the deciBels series, for Vagabond Press. Vagabond published her new collection, Missing up, in December 2015. A bilingual edition of her poems, Alibis, translated into French by Jane Zemiro, was published by Société Jamais-Jamais in 2014. She lives in Alexandria in Sydney.

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