States of Poetry Series Two

Wednesday 28 November 2016, Adelaide

the day of the storm
I had a poetry reading
with Nathan Curnow
overland from Ballarat
to launch his collection
The Apocalypse Awards
an hour into the unprecedented
statewide blackout
I took his call

you bastard
you brought the apocalypse with you

a flock of starlings
rises like applause
from the roof
of her Majesty’s Theatre


I met Ted Berrigan
in a dream

wearing a T-shirt
standing in a sparsely
furnished room

the early Berrigan
not yet bed ridden
but distinctly
pot bellied

& the beard
of course

it was a vivid dream
I can’t remember
if he said anything

but he seemed pleased
to be there.


Steve Brock began writing in the shadow of the New York school, but in ‘dreaming with Ted Berrigan’ – ‘I can’t remember if he said anything’ – might be saying goodbye to those earlier cool dudes and already a ...

Born in Brisbane 1972, Samuel’s poetry has collected numerous accolades and opportunities. His writing is featured in anthologies, public art works, films, and on-board the international space station. Love Poems and Death Threats is his latest collection with University of Queensland Press. He recently won the 2015 ...

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... and my mind is a washing machine filled with houses made from soil in Stalingrad, of having to detonate explosives found in trains, of stealing wheat all night long for his sister and baby ...

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My father can find
any building in unfamiliar
surroundings. I do not have this sense ...

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During the war tick
your parents
tick tick
didn’t want to leave everything behind again ...

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Dots twirl along my veins
At least a dozen in each arm
Blood-test confetti
from a diagnosis party ...

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Maps are for memory. I see
palm trees by the forest. Their shadows
form an X at noon. I dig
using hands feet mouth, bite
against treasure – not gold but worry dolls that I spit
out like multi-coloured teeth into my palm.

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