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'Extracts from "The Dictionary Aquatic"' by Gina Mercer | States of Poetry Tasmania - Series Two

States of Poetry Tasmania - Series Two

'Extracts from "The Dictionary Aquatic"' by Gina Mercer | States of Poetry Tasmania - Series Two

States of Poetry Tasmania - Series Two

Extracts from The Dictionary Aquatic


Distinctive mating call of wild creeks. Rarely heard in cities where this species has been driven underground, incarcerated in lightless, concrete tunnels. Such conditions have proved unconducive to reproduction or generation.


A mobile, aerial animal composed entirely of water. Best viewed from above. Best viewed from below. Best viewed from within. Open to interpretation. See Camel or Jellyfish.


To imbibe the blessing of water. Risk of inebriation or overdose. Symptoms may include perspicacity, light-headedness, revelation.


Filed in The Archival Repository of Water  under the category – DREAM.
File note (in Water’s hand):
Essence of green perfection (and somehow Myself – in the queer way of dreams)


Lithe performer (of generally clear disposition) trained by Aquarian engineers to perform perpetual motion and transport delight to public squares. Supplies own hoops and choreography.


Song performed by water whilst falling long distances. Believed to soothe the anxiety of rocks. See Lullaby.


Soft wrap woven from the belly-fur of ringtail possums. Effective poultice for wounds of the earth and lungs. Administer in slow, deep breaths


Subterranean act of revenge for centuries of water rights violations. Sabotage may manifest in the swallowing of cars, houses, certainty, whole suburbs.


A raceme of tiny droplets to be worn on the left lapel of the heart on promising occasions. See: Exuberance.


Bird magnet. Best visited at sunset in the company of Silence.


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