June–July 2018, issue no. 402

March 2011 no. 329

March 2011 no. 329

News from the Editor's Desk

Chong’s covers

Last month’s cover subject, Paul Kelly, proved immensely popular when we began advertising a new series of portrait prints based on W.H. Chong’s cover images. Each portrai ... More

The poetry of Dorothy Hewett

Susan Sheridan

A fresh selection of Hewett’s passionate verse

Susan Sheridan


Selected Poems of Dorothy Hewett
edited by Kate Lilley
U ... More

Tony Judt: Ill Fares the Land; and Tony Judt: The Memory Chalet

Bruce Grant

Offerings and jeremiads from the stoic Tony Judt

Bruce Grant


Ill Fares the Land
by Tony Judt
Allen Lane, $29.95 pb, 238 ... More

Robert Bell: Ballets Russes

Alan R. Dodge

The astonishing legacy of Sergei Diaghilev

Alan R. Dodge


Ballets Russes: The Art of Costume
by Robert Bell
National Gall ... More

Also in this issue

Self-portrait at Sixty

Tony Lintermans


Judith Bishop


Alex Skovron

This Version of Love

Dorothy Hewett

Karen Tayleur: Six

Anna Ryan-Punch