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Andrea Gaynor reviews 'The Allure of Fungi' by Alison Pouliot

Andrea Gaynor
25 September 2018

Of all the forms of life historically divided into kingdoms, only two – plants and animals – have attracted large bands of human followers. Entire organisations and university departme More

Libby Robin reviews 'Cane Toad Wars' by Rick Shine

Libby Robin
25 September 2018

Cane Toads are peculiarly Australian. They don’t belong, yet they thrive here. They breed unnaturally fast – even faster than rabbits. They are ugly, ecosystem-changing, and despised. More

Michael Adams reviews 'Tidalectics: Imagining an oceanic worldview through art and science' edited by Stefanie Hessler

Michael Adams
25 September 2018

Humans live on the Blue Planet: seventy per cent of ‘Earth’ is covered by oceans. We increasingly hear these descriptions: that oceans are the largest habitat, that eighty per cent of More

Fiona Gruber reviews 'The Arsonist' by Chloe Hooper

Fiona Gruber
25 September 2018

The language we use to describe fire, Chloe Hooper points out, gives it a creaturely shape: it has flanks, tongues, fingers, a tail. It licks, it devours. Fascinated by its mythic force, w More

Tim Flannery reviews 'Down to Earth: Politics in the new climate regime' by Bruno Latour

Tim Flannery
24 September 2018

Bruno Latour is one of the world’s leading sociologists and anthropologists. Based in France, he brings a refreshingly non-Anglophone approach to the big political problems of our times. More

Susan Reid reviews 'Adani and the War Over Coal' by Quentin Beresford

Susan Reid
24 September 2018

Who can forget the image of Scott Morrison, as federal treasurer, juggling a lump of lacquered coal in parliament on 9 February 2017? Appearing pretty chuffed with his own antics, Morrison More

Sara Savage reviews 'Urban Choreography: Central Melbourne 1985–' edited by Kim Dovey, Rob Adams, and Ronald Jones

Sara Savage
24 September 2018

In her influential 1961 text The Death and Life of Great American Cities, American-Canadian urban activist Jane Jacobs famously characterised the complex order of a successful cit More

Ben Wellings reviews 'Counter-Revolution: Liberal Europe in Retreat' by Jan Zielonka

Ben Wellings
24 September 2018

Jan Zielonka has provided us with an engaging and stimulating diagnosis of the pathologies of the European crisis of liberalism. The prognosis is not great, but there is hope. This short b More

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'The World Was Whole' by Fiona Wright

Francesca Sasnaitis
24 September 2018

For a homeless person, home is the street and the moveable blanket or bedroll. Ultimately, the only home remaining is the body. Fiona Wright is not homeless, she has been un-homed by her b More

Danielle Clode reviews 'Turmoil: Letters from the brink' by Robyn Williams

Danielle Clode
24 September 2018

In 2014, veteran ABC science broadcaster Robyn Williams was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was, he reports, his third brush with death, following cardiac arrest in 1988 and bladder cancer More

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