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Glyn Davis reviews 'My Country' by David Marr

Glyn Davis
12 November 2018

There was excitement. David Marr, newly appointed editor of the National Times at just thirty-three, had agreed to speak with politics students on campus. Volunteers were dispatch More

Peter Tregear reviews 'National Identity in Contemporary Australian Opera' by Michael Halliwell

Peter Tregear
01 November 2018

Just as we are unlikely today to think of South Wales when in New South Wales, nor does the existence of the Sydney Opera House does not of itself draw our collective attention towards opera. It is a structure more to More

Josh Specht reviews 'The Indian World of George Washington' by Colin G. Calloway

Joshua Specht
01 November 2018

As a young man, George Washington (1732–99) worked as a surveyor. Looking at a landscape, he could plan its division into orderly tracts. These skills would prove useful when he became t More

Paul Kildea reviews 'Debussy: A painter in sound' by Stephen Walsh

Paul Kildea
26 October 2018

Chopin is the greatest of them all,’ Claude Debussy told his pupil Marguerite Long, ‘for through the piano alone he discovered everything.’ This ‘everything’ had a long shadow More

Simon Tormey reviews 'My Life, Our Times' by Gordon Brown

Simon Tormey
26 October 2018
It is a cliché to note that Gordon Brown is an enigma as far as contemporary British politics is concerned. A fundamentally decent man of high moral standing, Brown forged with Tony Blair ar More

Timothy Verhoeven reviews 'An American Language' by Rosina Lozano

Timothy Verhoeven
26 October 2018

Many recent American politicians have believed that they could speak Spanish. Presidential candidate George W. Bush stumbled through a Spanish-language interview and was rewarded with thir More

Simon Caterson reviews 'Mad, Bad, Dangerous to Know: The fathers of Wilde, Yeats and Joyce' by Colm Tóibín

Simon Caterson
25 October 2018

Like so many parents of great authors, the fathers of Oscar Wilde, W.B. Yeats, and James Joyce have much to answer for. Certainly, each man had a profound influence on his son’s literary More

Gabriella Coslovich reviews 'What Matters? Talking value in Australian Culture' by Julian Meyrick, Robert Phiddian, and Tully Barnett

Gabriella Coslovich
25 October 2018

As I sat down to write this review, a media release popped into my email inbox with the excited news that more than 400,000 people had visited the National Gallery of Victoria’s MoMA exh More

Daniel Flitton reviews 'The Four Flashpoints: How Asia goes to war' by Brendan Taylor

Daniel Flitton
25 October 2018

The danger is complacency. Brendan Taylor cautions readers of this timely assessment of the swirling currents of power in Asia – and currents is the right metaphor, given the heavy focus More

David Brophy reviews 'Island Off the Coast of Asia' by Clinton Fernandes

David Brophy
25 October 2018

Marise Payne’s recent speech to the United Nations General Assembly touted Australia’s support for ‘rules’ and ‘international law’ in creating a global order that works ‘for More

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