Lesley van Schoubroeck: The Lure of Politics

Clement Macintyre
04 May 2011

Gallop’s time

Clement Macintyre


The Lure of Politics: Geoff Gallop’s Government 2001–2006
by Lesley van Schoubroeck
UWA Publishing, $34.95 pb, 303 pp, 9781742580692


A few months after the 2010 federal election, Geoff Gallop delivered the annu ... More

Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson (eds): Culture Crisis

Peter Menkhorst
04 May 2011


David Trigger


Culture Crisis: Anthropology and Politics in Aboriginal Australia
edited by Jon Altman and Melinda Hinkson
University of NSW Press, $49.95 pb, 302 pp, 9781742232256


Anthropology’s significant contribution to both acade ... More

Warren Bonett (ed.): The Australian Book of Atheism

Timothy Roberts
19 April 2011

On the attack

Timothy Roberts


The Australian Book of Atheism
edited by Warren Bonett
Scribe, $35 pb, 442 pp, 9781921640766


Once mainly associated with shrill killjoys and desiccated reductionists, atheism has recently received a j ... More

Andrew Leigh: Disconnected

Anthony Moran
14 April 2011

Hunker down

Anthony Moran


by Andrew Leigh
UNSW Press, $34.95 pb, 207 pp, 9781742231532


Since the mid 1990s, when Robert Putnam lionised the concept in his famous essay ‘Bowling Alone’, writing on ‘social capital’ has proliferat ... More

Dennis Glover: The Art of Great Speeches and Why We Remember Them

Joel Deane
14 April 2011

‘Words are bullets’

Joel Deane


The Art of Great Speeches and Why We Remember Them
by Dennis Glover
Cambridge University Press, $39.95 pb, 260 pp, 9780521140034


At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eage ... More

Richard Toye: Churchill's Empire

Robin Prior
12 April 2011

The decline and fall of imperialism

Robin Prior


Churchill’s Empire: The World That Made Him and the World He Made
by Richard Toye
Pan Macmillan, $70 hb, 440 pp, 9780230703841


Empires are out of fashion. The idea of one people ruling over another ... More

Stuart Macintyre reviews 'Curtin’s Empire'

Stuart Macintyre
24 March 2011

‘A peculiar bloke, Jack; you never knew him. You couldn’t get close to him.’ Reg Pollard, who was one of the abler members of the Labor Caucus in the 1940s, confessed his puzzlement to Lloyd Ross as Curtin’s biographer gathered personal testimony.

... More

Morag Fraser on Obama's presidency

Morag Fraser
30 November 2010

Immediately after the mid-term elections in November, Barack Obama left for a long-planned G20 gathering in Seoul and for meetings with heads of government in the nation states of India, Indonesia, and Japan. Nothing remarkable, you think? Exactly what one expects a United States president to do? Not in America.

The right-wing blogosphere went berserk. Miche ... More

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