Frank Jackson reviews 'The Poor Relation' by Stuart Macintyre

Frank Jackson
23 December 2011

During the lead-up to the last United States presidential election, I found myself waiting for a train at the Princeton railway station with nothing to read. I picked up a copy of the student newspaper. Much of it was standard Bush bashing, intermingled with unrealistic expectations of what Obama might achieve. But one sentence in an editorial caught my eye: ‘It i ... More

Joel Deane reviews 'The Sweet Spot' by Peter Hartcher and 'The Fog On The Hill' by Frank Sartor

Joel Deane
25 November 2011

On 7 November, Paul Keating appeared on ABC TV’s 7.30 to promote his new book of speeches,  After Words. Keating’s response to Leigh Sales’s first question abo More

David Day reviews 'Joseph Lyons: The people’s Prime Minister' by Anne Henderson

David Day
24 November 2011

This book is long overdue. It is eighty years since affable Joseph Lyons, often depicted by cartoonists as a koala, was elected as Australia’s tenth prime minister. He would be re-electe More

Bruce Grant reviews 'Why Leaders Lie: The Truth about Lying in International Politics' by John Mearsheimer

Bruce Grant
24 November 2011

Politics is a demanding profession that calls for skills of leadership and oratory, as well as management, analysis, and even theatre. Asking a politician to be truthful as well may be loo More

Philip Flood: Dancing with Warriors

Richard Broinowski
24 November 2011

Looking back

Richard Broinowski


Dancing with Warriors
by Philip Flood
Australian Scholarly Publishing, $39.95 hb, 383 pp, 9781921875205


A current view among foreign policy academics is that the pursuit of Australia’s foreign interests is too impo ... More

Peter Mares reviews 'Into the Woods: The Battle for Tasmania’s Forests' by Anna Krien

Peter Mares
15 November 2011

On the day that I finished reading Into the Woods, I opened the newspaper to a report that Gunns was withdrawing from native forest logging to base its future business entirely on plantation-grown timber. Given that Gunns controls almost eighty-five per cent of the wood products traded in Tasmania, this has raised hopes of an end to the decades-old forest w ... More

Mungo MacCallum: Punch and Ludy

Joel Deane
15 November 2011

‘Awful beyond parody’

Joel Deane


Punch and Judy: The Double Disillusion Election of 2010
by Mungo MacCallum
Black Inc., $22.95 pb, 246 pp, 9781863955119


The 2010 federal election fell on my wife’s birthday: 21 August. Being political tragics, ... More

Alison Broinowski reviews 'David P. Forsythe: The Politics of Prisoner Abuse' by David P. Forsythe

Alison Broinowski
25 October 2011

Many of us would find it as hard as Shaw’s Ladvenu does to think of any good reason for torture. It seems medieval, it is abhorrent, it is internationally illegal, and it doesn’t work. More

Emma Kowal reviews 'A Different Inequality: The politics of debate about remote Aboriginal Australia' by Diane Austin-Broos

Emma Kowal
25 October 2011

Many Australians are hungry for answers to Indigenous disadvantage. In recent years, anthropologists have been among those who have proposed solutions. This latest offering is from Diane A More

Ross Garnaut: The Garnaut Review 2011

David Karoly
25 October 2011

A diabolical policy problem

David Karoly


The Garnaut Review 2011: Australia in the Global Response to Climate Change
by Ross Garnaut
Cambridge University Press, $39.95 pb, 242 pp, 9781107691681


Climate change is often framed as a number of battles: ... More

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