Janet McKenzie: Contemporary Australian Drawing #1

Justin Clemens
09 July 2012

Justin Clemens


Contemporary Australian Drawing #1
by Janet McKenzie, with Irene Barberis and Christopher Heathcote
Palgrave Macmillan, $99.95 hb, 240 pp, 9781921394539


Just because something is being done right now doesn’t make it contemporary. On the cont ... More

Steven Miller: Dogs in Australian Art

Stella Gray
09 July 2012

Stella Gray


Dogs in Australian Art: A New History in Antipodean Creativity
by Steven Miller
Wakefield Press, $39.95 pb, 200 pp, 9781743050170


‘As cats are often associated with bookshops, dogs are similarly attracted to art galleries’, according to Steven Miller, hea ... More

Glenn Barkley and Lesley Harding (eds): Ken Whisson

Eileen Chanin
09 July 2012

Eileen Chanin


Ken Whisson: As If
edited by Glenn Barkley and Lesley Harding
Heide Museum of Modern Art and Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, $35 pb, 175 pp, 9781921330247


This catalogue accompanies the current exhibition of Ken Whisson’s work at Melbour ... More

Anthony White: Lucio Fontana

Peter Hill
09 July 2012

More than just a slasher

Peter Hill


Lucio Fontana: Between Utopia and Kitsch
by Anthony White
MIT Press (Footprint Books
), $29.95 hb, 338 pp, 9780262015929


Throw the name Lucio Fontana into any dinner table discussion about twentiet ... More

Christopher Menz (ed.): Visions Past and Present

Jane Clark
09 July 2012

Jane Clark


Visions Past and Present: Celebrating 40 Years
edited by Christopher Menz
The Ian Potter Museum of Art, $22 pb, 116 pp, 9780734047670


Reading this book is like taking a stroll through the exhibition with which it was published to coincide, in the w ... More

Jenny McFarlane: Concerning the Spiritual

Steven Miller
09 July 2012

Steven Miller


Concerning the Spiritual: The influence of the Theosophical Society on Australian Artists 1890–1934
by Jenny McFarlane
Australian Scholarly Publishing, $49.95 pb, 225 pp, 9781921875151


Jenny McFarlane, in this fascinating study of Theosophical ... More

Four Americans in Paris

Patrick McCaughey
24 May 2012

Patrick McCaughey


The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Garde
edited by Janet Bishop, Cécile Debray, and Rebecca Rabinow
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art/Yale University Press (Inbooks), $95 hb, 492 pp, 9780300169416


Despite its unre ... More

The world of William Kentridge

Lisa Gorton
23 April 2012

In 1981, William Kentridge journeyed from apartheid South Africa to the École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, renowned for its work in improvisation and physical theatre – theatre that creates itself in play. Though Kentridge would become an artist – working in drawing, printing, animation, film, opera, and sculpture – physical theatre and improvisation come closest ... More

Richard Haese: Permanent Revolution

Peter Hill
27 February 2012

‘Bumper on the go-go’

Peter Hill


Permanent Revolution: Mike Brown and the Australian Avant-Garde 1953–97
by Richard Haese
Miegunyah Press, $49.99 hb, 304 pp, 9780522860801


In August 1999 the Melbourne art collective DAMP staged an argument th ... More

David Rothenberg: Survival of the Beautiful

Ian Gibbins
22 February 2012

Elephant art

Ian Gibbins


Survival of the Beautiful: Art, Science, and Evolution
by David Rothenberg
Bloomsbury Press, $32.99 pb, 320 pp, 9781408828823


David Rothenberg’s formal appellation at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is Professor of ... More

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