May 2011 no. 331

May 2011 no. 331

News from the Editor's Desk


Calibre of the year

Dean Biron and Moira McKinnon are the dual winners of the 2011 Calibre Priz ... More

James Curran, Stuart Macintyre

Starched collars

Dear Editor,

Stuart Macintyre’s review of my book, Curtin’s Empire (April 2011), shows that on many of the substantive issues relating to the wartime lead ... More

Joel Deane: Julian Assange against the world

Joel Deane

On 30 July 2010, WikiLeaks uploaded a file named ‘insurance.aes256’ to the Internet. The file was 1.4 gigabytes in size – large enough to hold a mountain of leaked documents – and ... More

Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews 'Collected Poems: Francis Webb' edited by Toby Davidson

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
The deeply troubled Francis Webb, a magician with language, is still one of the two or three most remarkable poets Australia has produced, if nation-states can be said to produce creative art More

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