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Peter Rose

Peter Rose

In 2001 Peter Rose became the Editor of Australian Book Review. Previously he was a publisher at Oxford University Press throughout the 1990s. He has published several books of poetry, a family memoir, Rose Boys, and two novels, the most recent being Roddy Parr (Fourth Estate, 2010). He edited the 2007 and 2008 editions of The Best Australian Poems (Black Inc.). His newest book of poems is Rag (Gazebo Books, 2023). Peter Rose’s long experience in publishing and the literary world complements the magazine’s history of central involvement in Australian letters.

Peter Rose reviews 'Life Class: The education of a biographer' by Brenda Niall

April 2007, no. 290 01 April 2007
It is rare in Australia for a literary biographer, even one of distinction, to write at book length about her intellectual formation and biographical pursuits. A country so demonstrably forgetful of its best poetry and fiction is unlikely to foster a literature of this burgeoning genre, still emerging from its decorous constraints. Elsewhere, we have Richard Holmes’s seminal Footsteps: Adventure ... (read more)

'Editorial' by Peter Rose

April 2001, no. 229 01 April 2001
Readers will notice major changes in this second issue of ABR for 2001. The cover looks notably different, courtesy of Chong, Text Publishing’s inimitable designer. I was delighted when Chong offered to redesign our cover. Our changed masthead seems sensible, for the magazine is known widely as ABR, after all. Readers can expect more design changes in coming issues. ... (read more)

'Thinking in headlines' by Peter Rose

September 2020, no. 424 24 August 2020
What we read at difficult times in our lives – plague, insurrection, divorce, major root canal work, etc. – is always telling. Carlyle, miserable and unwell at Kirkcaldy, read the whole of Gibbon straight through – twelve volumes in twelve days – with a kind of horrified fascination. I recall one friend who, at a time of ineffable tension, calmly read Les Misérables, one thousand pages lo ... (read more)

Editorial: 'An update on the pandemic and the Australia Council' by Peter Rose

May 2020, no. 421 27 April 2020
What a difference a month makes! In late March, as we were sending the April issue to press, how bleak the outlook was here in Australia, but especially overseas. Future print editions seemed doubtful because of the scale of the threat and the imminent lockdown. One month later, any interruption to the print edition seems unlikely, with two caveats. Australia Post deliveries have slowed in recent ... (read more)

Australian Book Review and the Australia Council

Book Talk 04 April 2020
Australian Book Review, while congratulating successful applicants, deplores the Australia Council’s decision not to fund it and other literary magazines in the 2021–24 round. For the first time in decades, Australia’s national literary and arts review will not be funded by the federal government.  In depriving ABR and other fine literary magazines of funding, the Council and ... (read more)

'Come, Memory', a new poem by Peter Rose

April 2020, no. 420 19 March 2020
‘Come, memory, let us seek them there in the shadows.’ Donald Justice, ‘On the Death of Friends in Childhood’   I think of you now for the first timein about five times as many yearsas you actually lived, so uncomplainingly,they always said, as they do of the dead.Your name shadows meas we shadowed your small coffin,toggle-straight in our uniforms –why, I have no idea, for my ... (read more)

Coronavirus and Australian Book Review

April 2020, no. 420 17 March 2020
After a summer of bushfires across the nation and phenomenal loss and destruction, Australia – like the rest of world – now faces a health crisis of fearsome scope. As we go to press (earlier than planned because of present uncertainties), the scale of the threat, unprecedented in our times, is becoming stark. Australian Book Review is mindful of the enormous challenges posed by the coronavir ... (read more)

La Bohème (Opera Australia)

ABR Arts 07 January 2020
Gale Edwards’s production of La Bohème is back for an extended summer season – sixteen performances no less. This production has been filling theatres since its creation in 2011. It may not run for as long as Franco Zeffirelli’s 1981 extravaganza, still an annual fixture at the Metropolitan Opera, but it probably has another good decade to go. Revived here by Liesel Badorrek, it works consi ... (read more)

Turandot (Opera Australia)

ABR Arts 26 November 2019
Reviewing the recent production of Madama Butterfly in Adelaide, I dwelt on Giacomo Puccini’s ceaseless search for new subjects between operas and how he considered everything from a Zola novel to the historical Marie Antoinette before settling on the story of Cio-Cio San. The path to Turandot, his final, unfinished opera, was similarly curious. Puccini, the world’s most famous composer, ... (read more)