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Letters to the Editor – October 2006

October 2006, no. 285 01 October 2006
Stickers on a rotten apple Dear Editor, In his review of Angela Bennie’s anthology of hostile Australian reviews, Peter Rose is correct when he surmises that ‘we tend to exaggerate the number of severe reviews’ (September 2006). I think that, generally, Australians do not like disagreement; they prefer to ‘keep the peace’, and this is mostly true of our critics also. The really troubl ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – June 1995

June 1995, no. 171 01 June 1995
Dear Editor, How disappointing your cover feature on The First Stone turned out to be. I feel very let down by the most mediocre review I’ve read on this most talked-about work. Your former Editor, Rosemary Sorensen, wrote a superb, thought-provoking piece in the Sydney Morning Herald. I expected the review in ABR to be of similar quality. Brian White, Elwood, Vic. (Ed’s reply: You might be ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – July 1995

July 1995, no. 172 01 July 1995
Dear Editor, Dr Jenna Mead claims, among other things in her most recent attempt to discredit The First Stone, that I have ‘invented dialogue’ and written ‘hypothetical meetings with imaginary characters’. All the conversations and encounters in the book are documented in detailed, scrupulous notes. This includes my account of a telephone conversation between Dr Mead and me, which she wou ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor – February 2009

February 2009, no. 308 01 February 2009
The past is in Scotland Dear Editor, Christina Hill’s review of Peter Goldsworthy’s latest novel, Everything I Knew (November 2008), seems sure-footed in both its negative assessment of an ‘overwrought, undisciplined’ work and its appreciation of the novel’s compositional play, both intricate and subversive, with L.P. Hartley’s The Go-Between. It makes no mention, however, of the nov ... (read more)

Madonna Duffy is Publisher of the Month

November 2019, no. 416 24 October 2019
What was your pathway to publishing? An Arts degree and a youthfully optimistic view that I could land a job in publishing when I was living in London in my twenties. Working at Penguin Books in the wake of Penguin’s publishing Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses was an exciting and dramatic time. I was sold on the courage, the passion, and the literary life around me.   How many title ... (read more)

'September 11: A Symposium'

September 2002, no. 244 01 September 2002
Never far from one’s mind these days, the events of September 11, 2001, and their direct aftermath in Afghanistan and elsewhere, had to be prominent in this month’s issue of ABR, such is their complex resonance and ubiquitous iconography. To complement Morag Fraser’s essay in this issue on the consequences of ‘September 11’ for civic rights and democratic processes – in Australia as we ... (read more)

2019 Jolley Prize Judges

Competitions and programs 22 December 2014
Maxine Beneba Clarke is a widely published Australian writer of Afro-Caribbean descent. Clarke's short fiction, non-fiction and poetry have been published in numerous publications including Overland, The Age, Meanjin, The Saturday Paper and The Big Issue. Her critically acclaimed short fiction collection Foreign Soil won the ABIA for Literary Fic ... (read more)

2019 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

Competitions and programs 18 December 2014
2019 Jolley Prize Winner: Sonja Dechian ABR is delighted to announce that Sonja Dechian is the overall winner of the 2019 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize for her story ‘The Point-Blank Murder’. Sonja Dechian receives $5,000. Raaza Jamshed was placed second for her story 'Miracle Windows', and Morgan Nunan was placed third for his story 'Rubble Boy'. We would like to congratulate a ... (read more)

Chris Feik is Publisher of the Month

October 2018, no. 405 27 July 2018
What was your pathway to publishing? Circuitous and fortuitous, seeming inevitable only in retrospect. After university, where I studied literature and social theory, I did many bookish jobs: helping with the mail-out at ABR under Helen Daniel, reviewing books, receiving books, selling books, buying books – all at Readings – editing books, teaching editing, and so on. Eventually, I lucked int ... (read more)