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Tara Judah

Tara Judah
Tara Judah is a freelance Melbourne film critic.


March 2014, no. 359 28 February 2014
Capturing the essence of Robyn Davidson’s journey across 2700 kilometres of Australian desert was a visual challenge for National Geographic photographer Rick Smolan. Convinced the magazine would misrepresent her, Davidson knew that the challenge was coming to terms with her decision to ‘sell out’ (her words) in agreeing to let an American photographer intrude on her personal quest. Followin ... (read more)

Saving Mr Banks

February 2014, no. 358 19 January 2014
P.L. Travers (1906–96) did her best to keep her private life private. Perhaps her reservations harked back to the days before she penned Mary Poppins (eight novels, 1934–88) when she was a human interest columnist for a daily newspaper. As a writer of both journalism and fiction she knew as well as anyone that hearsay and speculation were quite different from myth and fairy tale. Still, Traver ... (read more)