Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn reviews 'Property' by Lionel Shriver

Chris Flynn
26 April 2018

The sadly departed Terry Pratchett once said, ‘Stories of imagination tend to upset those without one.’ While it is difficult to imagine anyone claiming that the great fantasist had no More

Chris Flynn reviews 'Inexperience and other stories' by Anthony Macris

Chris Flynn
29 November 2016

Given the Australian propensity for travel, it is odd that the global wanderings of our citizens are not much explored in literary fiction, which is still in the anguished throes of self-examination, arguably stuck in a loop. How refreshing, then, to read Anthony Macris’s fourth book, Inexperience and Other Stories, a short volume which drops the reader i ... More

Chris Flynn reviews 'The Dry' by Jane Harper

Chris Flynn
23 May 2016

There is an odd moment halfway through The Dry when Aaron Falk, the Federal Police officer unofficially investigating the apparent murder–suicide of the Hadler family ...


Chris Flynn reviews 'Abacus' by Louis Armand

Chris Flynn
27 November 2015

Abacus is Prague-based Australian author and poet Louis Armand's seventh novel, his fifth in as many years. Such a prolific work rate is admirable, but in telling a story which covers the entirety of the twentieth century, as seen through the eyes of ten disparate ... More

Chris Flynn reviews 'Everything Is Teeth' by Evie Wyld and Joe Sumner

Chris Flynn
27 August 2015

The age of apex narcissism has opened the publishing floodgates to myopic and often unnecessary confessionals, personal tales of shame and struggle that, in the past, would more likely have been recounted to a priest or therapist. The memoir genre is at its peak, and the descent may be swift and brutal.

... More

Chris Flynn reviews 'Quicksand' by Steve Toltz

Chris Flynn
27 April 2015
Penguin Australia’s recent fiction output has been remarkable... More

2017 Jolley Prize Judges

Amy Baillieu
31 March 2017

AmyAmy Baillieu completed a Masters of Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne in 2011 and holds a Bachelor of Arts from the same university with majors in English Literature and French. She also attended the Sorbonne in Paris, where she completed a Cours ... More

Chris Flynn: A Tiger in Eden

Adam Rivett
27 February 2012

‘All the bloody faces’

Adam Rivett


A Tiger In Eden
by Chris Flynn
Text Publishing, $22.95 pb, 224 pp, 9781921922039


For ex-Orangeman Billy, history is a nightmare from which he’s trying to get a good night’s sleep. Haunted by ‘all the blo ... More

Chris Flynn and Peter Carey on the challenging times for mid-list authors

Chris Flynn
26 September 2011

British author Glen Duncan released his eighth novel this year, the title of which, The Last Werewolf, is fairly self-explanatory. Although a much more philosophical (and entertaining) read than one might imagine in our current supernaturally-dominated ‘box-office’ novel landscape, Duncan’s book was a marked departure from an author better known for h ... More

Nicki Greenberg: Shakespeare's Hamlet

Chris Flynn
08 June 2011

The inkblot bard

Chris Flynn


Shakespeare’s Hamlet
by Nicki Greenberg
Allen & Unwin, $49.95 hb, 440 pp, 9781741756425



Lawyer Nicki Greenberg spent six years converting The Great Gatsby to graphic novel format, an intere ... More