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ABR Cultural Tour to Germany 2018

Events 01 June 2017
Munich to Berlin: Art, music, & literature Australian Book Review in Germany June 2–15, 2018 ABR’s third international cultural tour, in partnership with Academy Travel, took us to Germany. Once again the tour was led by Peter Rose, ABR Editor and CEO, and Christopher Menz, ABR Development Consultant and former gallery director. The two week tour commenced in Munich at the beginning of ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor - June-July 2017

June-July 2017, no. 392 29 May 2017
Raging élites Dear Editor,Until the May 2017 issue, ABR had managed to keep its anti-Trump animus relatively subdued, but with James McNamara’s review of two satirical books on Trump, the levée has broken and the magazine has fed its tributary into the liberal élite’s torrent of rage and resentment at American voters for electing a bozo and/or fascist. When, after a flurry of ad hominem a ... (read more)

#14 The 2017 Peter Porter Poetry Prize Ceremony

The ABR Podcast 20 April 2017
On Thursday, March 23, 2017, Australian Book Review held a ceremony at the Collected Works Bookshop to announce the winner of the 2017 Peter Porter Poetry Prize. The joint winners were - Louis Klee (Vic) for his poem ‘Sentence to Lilacs’ and Damen O’Brien (Qld) for ‘pH’ The winners were chosen from a field of nearly 1000 entries from twenty-two countries. Other shortlisted poets were Ro ... (read more)