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R.A. Simpson

Ronald Albert Simpson (1929 - 2002) was an Australian poet and artist. He edited the anthology Poetry from The Age, and his collections include Walk on the Beach (1960) and Sky’s Beach (2003).

R.A. Simpson reviews 'Stalin's Holidays' by John Forbes and 'The Division of Anger' by Gig Ryan

May 1981, no. 30 01 May 1981
The poet John Ashbery, now a considerable force in American poetry, has said: ‘I think that any one of my poems might be considered to be a snapshot of whatever is going on in my mind at the time…’ Like John Ashbery – and Frank O’Hara (who was involved with the Abstract Expressionism scene in New York before being killed by a dune buggy in 1966) – John Forbes and Gig Ryan are, in Austr ... (read more)

'With My Father: 1942', a poem by R.A. Simpson

August 2001, no. 233 01 August 2001
‘The low clouds coming quickly will break those trees The sheep on that steep slope will tumble into the gully’ I was twelve and troubled when he also said ‘this storm will be the end of everything I’m only joking so don’t worry let’s go home and hear our wireless saying how bad the war is now’ My father died that year Last night I saw when sound asleep my father’s gh ... (read more)

'Private Masterpiece', a poem by R.A. Simpson

August 2001, no. 233 01 August 2001
You turn on lights inside your head and after drawing in that mist soon decide how you must paint Taking some brushes and primary colours you make a long and massive wash a spectrum fading into nowhere This painting which you hope will last is now complete on silky nothing almost paper or is it air? You watch it rolled and stored away somewhere beyond returning ... (read more)