February 2003, no. 248

February 2003, no. 248

Brian Matthews reviews 'The Tournament' by John Clarke

Brian Matthews

Paris has gone crazy.’ There are people everywhere; ‘players and officials have been arriving like migrating birds’. The German team – including Hermann Hesse, Bertolt Brecht, Walter Gropius,Thomas Mann, Martin Heidegger ...

Tim Rowse reviews 'The Fabrication of Aboriginal History: Volume one, Van Diemen’s Land 1803–1847' by Keith Windschuttle

Tim Rowse

Keith Windschuttle seeks to undermine a ‘mindset’ among historians of Tasmania that started in Henry Melville’s History of Van Diemen’s Land (1835) and continues in Henry Reynolds’s An Indelible Stain (2001). Mindsets, or ‘interpretive frameworks’, sensitise historians to ‘evidence’ that fits their ‘assumptions’ ...