Barry Humphries

When Barry Humphries published his first volume of autobiography, many readers were left wanting ‘More, please’ – avid as gladdie-waving victims during one of his shows; voracious as the greedy polymath himself ...

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‘I invented a character called Barry Humphries,’ the program promised. Beyond his characters, he said, the real man had always lurked behind a mask in various interviews. ‘Tonight you’ll see me.’ And there he was, in mauve jacket and polka dot tie, his features sharp, the voice crisper than ever ...

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Anne Pender: One Man Show

Ian Britain
Tuesday, 07 December 2010

One-Man-ShowThe latest biography of Barry Humphries

Ian Britain


One Man Show: The Stages of Barry Humphries
by Anne Pender
ABC Books, $35 pb, 454 pp,  9780733325915