States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland

Welcome to States of Poetry, a major new project highlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary Australian poetry. Funded by Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund, this is one of the first federally arranged poetry anthologies published in this country. All states and territories will be covered with separate anthologies, each of them edited by a senior poet living in, or closely associated with, that state. The state editors have chosen six local poets actively publishing new work (up to five poems per poet). The state anthologies will appear on our website with introductions from the state editor, biographies and remarks from the individual poets, recordings, and other features. The third of these anthologies to appear online is the Queensland collection edited by Felicity Plunkett and featuring poetry from Stuart Barnes, MTC Cronin, Lionel Fogarty, Sarah Holland-Batt, Ellen van Neerven, Nathan Shepherdson.

States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland

States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland | State Editor's Introduction by Felicity Plunkett

Felicity Plunkett

Prismatic and dynamic, Australian Book Review's States of Poetry anthologies are about refraction as well as brilliance, shade and trace as much as what is lit. If anthologies gen ... More

States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland | About Stuart Barnes

Australian Book Review
Stuart Barnes was born in Hobart in 1977. Since 2013 he has been poetry editor for Tincture Journal. More

States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland | 'Black Cockatoos' by Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes

after David Brooks

tailed Bedouins
of Poetry, black
cockatoos embroider
the sun into us,
seam-rip it asunder.


On the Fitzroy's
bank at midday ... More

States of Poetry 2016 - Queensland | 'Moon—' by Stuart Barnes

Stuart Barnes


the real sea snoring half a mile away
the scrubbed brick walls of the double lounge ... More

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