States of Poetry 2016 - ACT

Welcome to States of Poetry, a major new project intended to highlight the quality and diversity of contemporary Australian poetry. Funded by Copyright Agency's Cultural Fund, this is one of the first federally arranged poetry anthologies published in this country. All states and territories will be covered with separate anthologies, each of them edited by a senior poet living in, or closely associated with, that state. The state editors will choose six local poets actively publishing new work (up to five poems per poet). The state anthologies will appear on our website with introductions from the state editor, biographies and remarks from the individual poets, recordings, and other features. The first of these anthologies to appear online is the ACT collection edited by Jen Webb and featuring poetry from Adrian Caesar, Jen Crawford, Paul Hetherington, Jeanine Leane, Omar Musa, and Sarah Rice.

States of Poetry 2016 - ACT

States of Poetry 2016 - ACT | State Editor's Introduction by Jen Webb

Jen Webb

When I moved to Canberra in 2000, I knew it only by the stories that are told of it: of a place lacking human qualities, but full of government processes. Living here, working in the creat ... More

States of Poetry 2016 - ACT | About Adrian Caesar

Australian Book Review
Adrian Caesar was born and educated in England, but has lived and worked in Australia for more than thirty years. More

States of Poetry 2016 - ACT | 'Spring Fall' by Adrian Caesar

Adrian Caesar

I see you stand with your back to me
at the French window as you did last March
looking at early flowers
yellow and crimson, pansy and primrose
peeping from their crust of snow and
above them ... More

States of Poetry 2016 - ACT | 'Crafting Consolation' by Adrian Caesar

Adrian Caesar

Your kind friend sent a condolence card
and in the envelope a small white feather
which, she said, seemed to come from nowhere.
Angel's wings obviously, I wrote in my reply.
And for days a ... More

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