Calibre Prize

The Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay is open again. The winner will receive $5,000. This year, for the first time, Calibre is open to writers around the world. We also have a quick, inexpensive online entry system. Guidelines and the entry form are avail ...

Flipping over fiction

Welcome to our annual Fiction issue! In this issue you will find the three shortlisted stories from the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize, as well as other features on fiction, including ten writers nominating their favourite story collections, and Maria Takolander and Mary Cunnane on short fiction and the art of pitching, respectively. Enjoy those cupcakes!

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ABR Patrons’ Fellowship

Because of the kindness of our many Patrons, we are able to offer another ABR Patrons’ Fellowship, worth $5,000. We are seeking proposals for a major article on any subject. ABR Fellows work closely with Peter Rose, and interested writers are encouraged to speak to the Editor before applying. Applications close on 30 September.

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We last redesigned our website in March 2013, and the increase in usage was immediate. But all websites need to evolve, and we realise that the delivery of ABR Online has not been ideal. We have heeded your comments and in June we will launch the new ABR Online.

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Laureate for ABR

Last month, in conjunction with Melbourne Conversations, we presented ‘An Evening with David Malouf’ in front of a capacity house at Deakin Edge, Melbourne. Fittingly, the subject being poetry, this was held on 23 April (Shakespeare’s 450th birthday).

After the formal convers ...

Calibre Prize

Christine Piper is the winner of this year’s Calibre Prize for an Outstanding Essay. The judges – Morag Fraser and Peter Rose – chose Dr Piper’s essay from a field of 100 entries, and a shortlist of six. The essay, ‘Unearthing the Past’, is a worthy successor to last year’s winner, Martin Thomas’s celebrated

David Malouf

Few writers command as much interest and admiration as David Malouf – poet, short-story writer, novelist, memoirist, librettist, essayist. Fewer still mark their eightieth birthday with the publication of two new books.

Lisa Gorton reviews Malouf’s new poetry collection, Earth Hour,

Honours galore

Australia Day brought the usual gallimaufry of national honours, with fewer politicians this year and due recognition of the performing arts. Creative writers, as usual, were hardly represented. Theirs is a largely disorganised class, not suited to this bureaucratic process. But Advances was pleased that John Bryson – author of Evil Angels (19 ...

Readers’ survey

We tend not to burden our readers with surveys. There are quite enough of them in this solicitous world without our adding to the clamour. But it is time for us to take some soundings: to ask you (readers of all sorts, subscribers or not, lapsed readers or devotees) what you like (or don’t) about the magazine, and how you th ...

Jolley Prize

Late last month, at a lively ceremony held at Gleebooks, David Malouf named Michelle Michau-Crawford’s ‘Leaving Elvis’ as the overall winner of the 2013 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Sto ...