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Tony Wheeler

Tony Wheeler co-founded Lonely Planet in the 1970s.

Tony Wheeler reviews 'Life on the Ice' by Roff Smith

December 2002-January 2003, no. 247 01 December 2002
The collapse of the Soviet Union had one quite unexpected effect on world tourism ­– it opened up Antarctica. Cash-strapped, post-Communist Russia could no longer afford its large collection of Antarctic bases, or the fleet of polar-equipped vessels that supplied them. Many of these ships are now chartered out to adventure travel companies. As a result, the opportunities to visit Antarctica ... (read more)

Tony Wheeler reviews 'Bonobo Handshake: A memoir of love and adventure in the Congo' by Vanessa Woods

September 2010, no. 324 01 September 2010
Even the name is confusing: think of it as Belgian Congo/Zaire/Congo DRC to avoid confusing it with the Republic of Congo/Congo Brazzaville across the river. Officially, the name is Democratic Republic of Congo – DRC – so you could roll out the usually accurate cliché that any country with ‘Democratic’ in the name definitely isn’t that. In fact, the DRC had an election a few years back ... (read more)