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Tony Birch reviews 'The History Wars' by Stuart Macintyre and Anna Clark, and 'Whitewash' edited by Robert Manne

Tony Birch
07 June 2019

Towards the end of his informative introduction, Robert Manne, the editor of Whitewash: On Keith Windschuttle’s fabrication of Aboriginal history, outlines the collective intention of the book’s nineteen More

Rubik Roy reviews Dead Right: How neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next by Richard Denniss

Rubik Roy
23 May 2019

A spectre is haunting Australia, that of neo-liberalism. For the last thirty years, both major parties have subscribed to its tenets in order to propitiate big business. It is an ideology More

Varun Ghosh reviews Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline by Richard Cooke

Varun Ghosh
23 May 2019

Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline by journalist and essayist Richard Cooke begins with the shock of Donald Trump’s election on 8 November 2016. In New York’s L More

Michael McGirr reviews King of the Air: The turbulent life of Charles Kingsford Smith by Ann Blainey

Michael McGirr
23 May 2019

People spent a lot of time looking for the pioneering aviator Charles Kingsford Smith. When he disappeared for the final time in 1935 just south of Myanmar, then known as Burma, he was jus More

Peter Rose reviews On David Malouf by Nam Le

Peter Rose
30 April 2019

For more than a decade the world has waited, patiently or disbelievingly, for a second book from Nam Le, author of The Boat (2008), a collection of seven tales that won the young More

Ryan Cropp reviews Practice: Journalism, essays and criticism by Guy Rundle

Ryan Cropp
22 April 2019

Not long into the Obama era, the American comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted a high-profile ‘Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear’ in Washington, DC. In front of an enormo More

Alex Tighe reviews 'Net Loss: The inner life in the digital age (Quarterly Essay 72)' by Sebastian Smee

Alex Tighe
10 December 2018

You probably own a smartphone. Chances are it’s in your pocket right now, or at least within arm’s reach – don’t pick it up. Fight the habit. Besides, you’ve probably ch More

Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Collected Poems' by Les Murray

Peter Goldsworthy
26 November 2018

A seven-hundred-page Collected Poems? The cover photograph of the Big Bloke himself is an embodiment of what’s inside in all its sprawling abundance. As is his surname, which can’t hel More

Anthony Lynch reviews 'Best Summer Stories' edited by Aviva Tuffield

Anthony Lynch
26 November 2018

Many readers – though apparently not enough to have saved them – will mourn the recent demise of Black Inc.’s annual Best Australian anthologies of essays, stories, and poem More

Glyn Davis reviews 'My Country' by David Marr

Glyn Davis
12 November 2018

There was excitement. David Marr, newly appointed editor of the National Times at just thirty-three, had agreed to speak with politics students on campus. Volunteers were dispatch More

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