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Andrew West

Andrew West

Andrew West is a journalist, author, and presenter on ABC Radio National.

Andrew West reviews 'The Life of a Spy: An education in truth, lies and power' by Rod Barton

November 2021, no. 437 27 May 2021
When did the rationale for the Iraq War – which began in 2003 and still rumbles today – go from being a mistake, to a self-deception, to an outright lie? When did it dawn on the Bush Jr administration and its key allies in London and Canberra that the ostensible reason for the invasion of Iraq had disappeared, probably literally, under the sands of Mesopotamia? By the time of the invasion, Sad ... (read more)

Andrew West reviews 'Truth Is Trouble: The strange case of Israel Folau or how free speech became so complicated' by Malcolm Knox

March 2021, no. 429 22 February 2021
Late January 2021 brought a moment of anger and anguish for many liberal Australians. Margaret Court, the erstwhile tennis champion turned Pentecostal Christian preacher, had just received Australia’s top honour. Court may have won more grand slam tournaments than any other player, but her record cannot erase a history of derogatory comments about gay and transgender Australians. And yet, I wond ... (read more)

Andrew West reviews 'When America Stopped Being Great: A history of the present' by Nick Bryant

January–February 2021, no. 428 14 December 2020
It was obvious that Nick Bryant’s insightful new book would be a requiem for American greatness. More revealing is its history of Trumpism, which long predated the man’s presidency. Donald Trump’s policies, slogans, and style have preludes and precursors going back to the 1960s. His presidency is over, but as of late November almost 74 million Americans had voted for him, the second highest ... (read more)