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Jane Cadzow

Jane Cadzow

Jane Cadzow writes mainly for Good Weekend, the magazine published on Saturdays with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. She studied journalism at the University of Queensland, and started her career at The Courier-Mail before moving to The Australian. She has won two Walkley Awards for magazine feature writing. She lives in Canberra.

Jane Cadzow reviews 'Other People’s Houses' by Hilary McPhee

November 2019, no. 416 23 October 2019
In the spring of 2003, a person from Hilary McPhee’s past got in touch with her. McPhee did not remember the woman’s name but recognised her immediately when they met for coffee. At high school they had played hockey together for a team called the Colac Battlers. The woman had been working for years as a personal assistant at a palace in Jordan, and her purpose in contacting McPhee wasn’t me ... (read more)

Jane Cadzow reviews 'Breaking News: The remaking of journalism and why it matters now' by Alan Rusbridger

January-February 2019, no. 408 13 December 2018
When Alan Rusbridger was a young journalist on the Cambridge Evening News, he fell in love with a university leturer. One night, after they moved in together, there was a knock on their door. A reporter and photographer from the Sunday Mirror wanted to tell the story of their romance to the four million people who bought the British tabloid each week. Why? The lecturer’s late father had, years e ... (read more)

Jane Cadzow reviews 'Speaking Up' by Gillian Triggs

November 2018, no. 406 25 October 2018
Gillian Triggs is a pearls-and-perfectly-cut-jacket person these days, so it is thrilling to learn that she was dressed head to toe in motorcycle leathers when she had one of the more instructive experiences of her life. It was 1972, and Triggs, the future president of the Australian Human Rights Commission, was in the United States working as a legal adviser at the Dallas Police Department. She a ... (read more)