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Thomas McGee

Thomas McGee

Thomas McGee is a PhD researcher in the Peter McMullin Centre on Statelessness at Melbourne Law School. His research project focuses on Syria’s changing statelessness landscape. Speaking Arabic and Kurdish, Thomas has worked for a decade as an analyst and adviser on humanitarian and development programmes implemented in Syria and with the UN Refugee Agency in Iraq. He has also engaged on wider human rights and social justice issues, including genocide prevention and Housing, Land and Property violations in Syria. Prior to the outbreak of conflict in the country, Thomas lived in Aleppo, Syria. 

Thomas McGee reviews 'We Can’t Say We Didn’t Know: Dispatches from an age of impunity' by Sophie McNeill

May 2020, no. 421 28 April 2020
In 1991, French sociologist Jean Baudrillard provocatively claimed that ‘the Gulf War did not take place’. His argument was not a denial of the violence, suffering, and death experienced by civilians but rather that those very realities were absent in the mediatised consumption of the conflict. Dominant discourses reproduce the key events of the age, and the distant spectator can hardly escape ... (read more)