Jennifer Maiden

Gig Ryan reviews 'Selected Poems 1967–2018' by Jennifer Maiden

Gig Ryan
27 July 2018

Jennifer Maiden’s first books, Tactics (1974) and The Problem of Evil (1975), introduced a fantastically complex and enquiring poetry, with strangely fragmentary assemb More

Jill Jones reviews 'The Metronome' by Jennifer Maiden

Jill Jones
27 April 2017

Jennifer Maiden’s latest book, The Metronome, is essentially part of a series that could be dated to the appearance of Friendly Fire in 2005 ...


Peter Kenneally reviews 'The Fox Petition' by Jennifer Maiden, 'Breaking the Days' by Jill Jones and 'Exhumed' by Cassandra Atherton

Peter Kenneally
30 March 2016

From the cover of Jennifer Maiden's latest book (The Fox Petition, Giramondo, $24 pb, 96 pp, 9781922146946), a wood-cut fox stares the reader down. This foreign, seditious animal is the perfect emblem for Maiden's examination of the xenophobia, conformity, and general moral diminution that she sees around her. Giramondo have given Maiden the liberty of an a ... More

Poem of the Week - Jennifer Maiden reads ‘Clare and Nauru’

Australian Book Review
28 January 2016

Our second 'Poem of the Week' for 2016 is 'Clare and Nauru' by Jennifer Maiden. ABR's Poetry Editor, Lisa Gorton, introduces Jennifer who then discusses and reads her poem.


Toby Fitch reviews 'Drones and Phantoms' by Jennifer Maiden

Toby Fitch
27 March 2015

Jennifer Maiden’s eighteenth book of poetry bears yet another title punning on war (remember Tactics, The Problem of Evil, The Occupying Forces, The Border Loss, Acoustic Shadow, Friendly Fire). Her umbrella themes – politics, power, evil, the public and private selves, war, and the role of art – are back. The title is ... More

'The Possibility of Loss' a new poem by Jennifer Maiden

Jennifer Maiden
26 March 2015

Obama has said that the person with whom he would most like to dine is Gandhi.

... More

Jennifer Maiden: 'White Cyclamen'

Jennifer Maiden
28 May 2014

Nothing is whiter,
like clouds with the sun inside them.
Nothing is smoother,
like clouds and the moon beside them.
But they aren’t pure either.
There is lily-green underside them.
This is the start of an ASIO poem.
Borges said living under dictators
made him expert at metaphors.
But lyricism is direct, adores
the physical, the real. ... More

Jennifer Maiden: 'Diary Poem: Uses of Cosiness'

Jennifer Maiden
26 March 2013
... More

Jennifer Maiden: 'Diary Poem: Uses of Liquid Nitrogen'

Jennifer Maiden
24 September 2012
... More