Naama GreySmith

Naama Grey-Smith reviews 'Wolfe Island' by Lucy Treloar

Naama Grey-Smith
27 August 2019

With Wolfe Island, Lucy Treloar joins a growing number of novelists whose fiction is marked by anthropogenic catastrophe. Her latest offering confronts two urgent global crises: t More

Naama Grey-Smith reviews 'Gravity Is The Thing' by Jaclyn Moriarty

Naama Grey-Smith
22 April 2019

The first thing one notices about Jaclyn Moriarty’s Gravity Is the Thing is its narrative voice: distinctive, almost stylised. Exclamation marks, emphasised words in italics, a More

Naama Grey-Smith reviews A Universe of Sufficient Size by Miriam Sved

Naama Grey-Smith
25 March 2019

At the front of Miriam Sved’s A Universe of Sufficient Size is a black-and-white photograph of a statue. The cloaked figure holding a pen (‘like a literary grim reaper’, ref More

Naama Grey-Smith reviews 'Gravity Well' by Melanie Joosten

Naama Grey-Smith
29 May 2017

Gravity Well opens with Carl Sagan’s famous ‘mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam’ quote, suggesting themes of astronomy, loneliness, and humanity’s cosmic insignificance. Though I was immediately smitten with the cover design (a nebula-coloured orb, its top and bottom halves depicting mirrored but not identical female silhouettes amid a sea of cosmi ... More