Mandy Sayer

Michael Winkler reviews 'Australian Gypsies: Their secret history' by Mandy Sayer

Michael Winkler
24 November 2017

In the Australia of my childhood, the Gypsy skirt was fashionable, ABC Radio played Django Reinhardt, ‘The Gypsy Rover’ was in school songbooks, peripatetic players were called ‘Gyps More

Mandy Sayer: Love in the Years of Lunacy

Gillian Dooley
21 April 2011


Gillian Dooley


Love in the Years of Lunacy
by Mandy Sayer
Allen & Unwin, $32.99 pb, 320 pp, 9781742373379


Mandy Sayer has been winning awards since the start of her career more than twenty years ago. Her first novel, Mood Indig ... More