April 2015, no. 370

Welcome to the April issue – our first Film and Television issue. James McNamara (the latest ABR Ian Potter Foundation Fellow) looks at great US shows from The Sopranos to Game of Thrones and asks if this is really the golden age of television. Also in the issue a group of critics and arts professionals choose their favourite drama series  will yours be among them? Bernadette Brennan reviews Kate Grenville’s new book, Ben Saul looks into the treatment of David Hicks,  and Tim Colebatch examines Paul Keating’s contested legacy. Then there are reviews by Catriona Menzies-Pike, Judith Armstrong, Brenda Walker, Simon Caterson and Jake Wilson. Our Open Page guest is Kate Grenville.

April 2015, no. 370

'The Golden Age of Television?' by James McNamara

James McNamara

In 2013, US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich asked Australians to stop pirating Game of Thrones. A single episode of HBO’s gritty fantasy drama had been illegally downloaded over four million times, equalling the legitimate viewership of the program. ‘As the Ambas ...

Tim Colebatch reviews 'Paul Keating' by David Day

Tim Colebatch

Paul Keating has an enduring allure. He has been out of politics since 1996, yet in the past year or so we have seen the ABC screen an unprecedented series of four one-hour interviews with him by an unusually respectful Kerry O’Brien; a book of his sayings still sel ...

Ben Saul reviews 'In the Company of Cowards' by Michael Mori

Ben Saul

The unusual case of David Hicks is one of the most spectacular and politically supercharged miscarriages of justice in Australian history. Like the infamous Boer War case of Breaker Morant, Hicks was politically scapegoated and grossly denied a fair trial. Unlike Mora ...

Critics and professionals nominate their favourite drama series

Ian Collie et al.
To complement James McNamara’s article we invited a number of cultural commentators and film and television professionals to nominate their favourite television drama series.

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