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Kathryn Koromilas

Kathryn Koromilas
Kathryn Koromilas is the author of Palimpsest: A Novel (2010). She is currently a Master of Philosophy candidate in Creative Writing at the University of Adelaide.

Kathryn Koromilas reviews 'The Demons of Athens' by Vrasidas Karalis

April 2015, no. 370 27 March 2015
Sing, O muse, of the rage of the daemons, soulless sons of Hellenes, that have brought countless ills upon the Greeks. Sing, O Vrasidas Karalis of your descent into the Greek inferno and of the quarrels that have plagued our citizens. Sing, O brave soul, sing your reports from the Great Devastation. Forgive my classicist sentimentality. How else to begin a review of Karalis’s The Demons of Athe ... (read more)

Kathryn Koromilas reviews 'The Antibiography of Robert F. Menzies' by Bernard Cohen

February 2014, no. 358 19 January 2014
‘Above the line’, a narrator begins a story. At a specific moment in time, a specific fictional character appears and something is about to happen. ‘Below the line’, another narrator begins a different story, a story in notes, footnotes, ‘citational backup’ for the story ‘above’. You have begun reading Bernard Cohen’s new novel: a work in story and notes, a game, a play of genre, ... (read more)