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Juno Gemes

Juno Gemes is a photographer and activist. With a background in experimental theatre and performance, Gemes began exhibiting her photography in 1966. Her photographs have captured historic moments such as the handing back of Uluru to its traditional custodians and the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. From 1986 to 2002, Gemes was the publisher at Paperback Press.

'Festival Days' by Juno Gemes

November 2001, no. 236 08 August 2022
Synchronicity can bring forward strange events in the life of an artist. In 1965, arriving in Perugia in northern Italy, I felt a profound sense of familiarity and connectedness, which has no rational explanation. I had come to study Italian language at the university. I was a young woman of twenty-three, returning to Europe for the first time since I had left Hungary with my family at the age of ... (read more)

Juno Gemes reviews 'Ubu Films: Sydney underground movies 1965-1970' by Peter Mudie

February–March 1998, no. 198 01 February 1998
Why are we still hooked on the 1960s? As English art historian David Mellor said they were the Utopian Years. Perhaps our dreams and aspirations were anchored there. It is a rather difficult period to review with historical accuracy precisely because it was so rich in ideas and ideals; there was so much happening. Unless we understand the immediate past, we can have no cultural continuity, nor ca ... (read more)