March 2013, no. 349

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Don Dunstan is our cover boy this month, in those infamous short pants. Ruth Starke – the fifth ABR Patrons’ Fellow – writes at length about this fascinating reformer. Morag Fraser reviews J.M. Coetzee’s new novel, The Childhood of Jesus, vis-à-vis Louise Erdrich’s award-winning novel The Round House. Other highlights include a new poem by Les Murray and Peter Rose’s editorial diary for 2013.

March 2013, no. 349

Patrick McCaughey reviews 'Cézanne: A Life'

Patrick McCaughey

The lives of artists have formed a staple of art history from Vasari in the sixteenth century to Alex Danchev in the twenty-first. Current styles of art history may frown on biographies of artists. They smack too much of the hero artist and side-step the social ...

Ruth Starke's essay: 'Media Don'

Ruth Starke

It is a hot gusty day in the summer of 1958, the sort of day that melts the tar on the road and brings the red dust down from the north. In the inner-city Adelaide suburb of Norwood, Mario Feleppa, twenty-eight and not long arrived in Australia, is fed up. Not w ...

Morag Fraser reviews 'The Childhood of Jesus' by J.M. Coetzee and 'The Round House' by Louise Erdrich

Morag Fraser

‘What is chaos?’ asks the unnerving child at the centre of J.M. Coetzee’s new parable-novel, The Childhood of Jesus. ‘I told you the other day,’ replies the child’s guardian. ‘Chaos is when there is no order, no laws to hold on to. Chaos is ...

Peter Porter Poetry Prize 2013 Shortlist

Nathan Curnow et al.
Here you will find the five shortlisted contenders of the 2013 Peter Porter Poetry Prize: Nathan Curnow, A. Frances Johnson, Dan Disney, John A. Scott, and John Kinsella

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