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Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor

Andrew Connor is a historian and papyrology. He is currently Lecturer in Ancient History in the Centre for Ancient Cultures at Monash University, and the head of Orion College. His research explores religion, culture, and empire in Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. His current project examines the evidence for religious persecution in the Egyptian temples under Augustus.

Andrew Connor reviews 'A Place for Everything: The curious history of alphabetical order' by Judith Flanders

September 2020, no. 424 24 August 2020
In the early nineteenth century, Sequoyah, a Cherokee man living in Alabama, developed a fundamentally new system of writing Cherokee, which had until then not been a written language. Sequoyah’s system – properly a syllabary rather than an alphabet, in that it represents the eighty-five syllables used in Cherokee – is fascinating, innovative, and remains in use today. But in what order did ... (read more)