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Shaun Prescott reviews 'Black Glass' by Meg Mundell

Shaun Prescott
14 April 2011

Black Glass, speculative fiction with a sentimental edge, explores a nation controlled by an intrusive surveillance culture and subliminal social engineering...


Maya Linden reviews 'Darkwater' by Georgia Blain and 'This Is Shyness' by Leanne Hall

Maya Linden
26 March 2011

Darkness, both literal and symbolic, pervadesthese two recent books. Darkwater, the first Young Adult title by established writer Georgia Blain...


Jay Daniel Thompson reviews 'Prime Cut' by Alan Carter

Jay Daniel Thompson
24 March 2011

Prime Cut sounds like the title of a glossy Hollywood thriller. Fortunately, Alan Carter’s début novel is a gritty and engrossing look at crime and racism in a small Western Australian town. Cato Kwong is a Chinese-Australian detective who has been working in the lowly ‘Stock Squad’ since a disastrous arrest some years before. In the novel’s openin ... More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'Paris Dreaming' by Anita Heiss

Amy Baillieu
24 March 2011

Having been ‘completely screwed over by men’, Libby Cutmore is on a self-imposed and inevitably short-lived ‘man-fast’. Although she loves her job at the (fictional) National Aboriginal Gallery in Canberra, memories of New York adventures with her friend Lauren (Manhattan Dreaming, 2010), and Libby’s own sense of exclusion now that her two closest ... More

Estelle Tang reviews 'The Source of the Sound' by Patrick Holland

Estelle Tang
24 March 2011

The final offering in Patrick Holland’s first collection of short stories is also its best.


Adam Rivett reviews 'Gone' by Jennifer Mills

Adam Rivett
24 March 2011

Writing in the Guardian late last year, Philip Pullman said this of what he regards as the dominant style in contemporary fiction: ‘What I dislike about the present-tense narrat More

Carmel Bird reviews 'Little People' by Jane Sullivan

Carmel Bird
24 March 2011

Jane Sullivan’s novel, which was runner-up in the 2010 CAL Scribe Fiction Prize for a novel by a writer over thirty-five years of age, blends the powerful theme of ...


Sue Ebury reviews 'Those Who Come After' by Elisabeth Holdsworth

Sue Ebury
23 March 2011

Wirklich, ich lebe in finsteren Zeiten. 
(Truly, I live in dark times.)

When her mother uttered that line from Bertolt Brecht’s great poem ‘An die Nachgeborenen’, Juliana – the narrator of Elisabeth Holdsworth’s first novel – knew they were in for a hard time. Janna had returned to the Netherlands from Da ... More

Carmel Bird reviews 'A Darker Music' by Maris Morton

Carmel Bird
24 November 2010

Maris Morton’s novel is the winner of the Scribe CAL Fiction Prize for 2010...

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