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Stephen Mansfield reviews 'Noah's Law' by Randa Abdel-Fattah

Stephen Mansfield
04 May 2011
The teen detective novel is a rare breed in this post-Famous Five era, now that the catch-cry of popular Young Adult fiction is the familiar and the relatable ... More

Laurie Steed reviews 'The Ottoman Hotel' by Christopher Currie

Laurie Steed
21 April 2011

One feels greatly conflicted while reading The Ottoman Motel. While Christopher Currie’s début novel certainly shows promise, it would have benefited from further editorial development prior to publication.

... More

Melinda Harvey reviews 'Too Close to Home' by Georgia Blain

Melinda Harvey
21 April 2011

Something happened to the Australian suburban novel while Georgia Blain was trying her hand at memoir in Births Deaths Marriages (2008) and Young Adult fiction in Darkwater (2010). Put it down to The Slap juggernaut. The working family is now angry, high, horny, and mad about tattoos. Gone are the scenes of inarticulate loss at the kitchen ... More

Carol Middleton reviews 'The Sparrows of Edward Street' by Elizabeth Stead

Carol Middleton
21 April 2011

Elizabeth Stead’s fifth novel is set in 1948, when newly independent women, who kept the wheels of industry turning during World War II, were resuming full-time household duties. Stead, who married a naval officer in the 1950s, would have seen this domestic dynamic played out around her. The Sparrows of Edward Street tells the story of a family – a widow and her two teenage daughte ... More

Angela Meyer reviews 'The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories' edited by Georgia Richter

Angela Meyer
21 April 2011

While the stories in The Kid on the Karaoke Stage vary thematically, they are predominantly realist in style, with plenty of seemingly serendipitous through-lines. Georgia Richter, who has edited the collection superbly, says that she was interested in ‘the way we turn to writing to crystallise moments of realisation’. The authors all have links to West ... More

Anna Ryan-Punch reviews 'Six' by Karen Tayleur

Anna Ryan-Punch
19 April 2011

Six people. Five seatbelts. Six teenagers involved in a horrific car crash. But who has died?


Cheryl Jorgensen reviews 'Bright and Distant Shores' by Dominic Smith

Cheryl Jorgensen
14 April 2011

Owen Graves, by occupation a house wrecker and by nature a collector, is summoned to the world’s tallest building by the president of Chicago’s First Equitable Insurance Company...


Anthony Lynch reviews 'This Too Shall Pass' by S.J. Finn

Anthony Lynch
14 April 2011

From Kafka on, we can trace a line of narratives dealing with alienation in the modern workplace, with forces seen and unseen overwhelming individual volition. S.J. Finn’s first novel ma More

Emma Ashmere reviews 'The Raven's Heart' by Jesse Blackadder

Emma Ashmere
14 April 2011
Mary Queen of Scots, widow of the youthful French king, returns from her long exile in France to a country bereft of pageantry... More

Don Anderson reviews 'The Simple Death' by Michael Duffy

Don Anderson
14 April 2011

Michael Duffy, perhaps best known as a newspaper columnist and contrarian, and co-presenter with Paul Comrie-Thomson ...

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