Fourth Estate

Dan Dixon reviews Trick Mirror: Reflections on self-delusion by Jia Tolentino

Dan Dixon
23 July 2019

Writers describing the contemporary moment abound. Many do it well, but few do it as shrewdly as Jia Tolentino. With Trick Mirror: Reflections on self-delusion, Tolentino has prod More

Christina Hill reviews 'The Time We Have Taken' by Steven Carroll

Christina Hill
10 July 2019

Steven Carroll’s The Time We Have TakenMore

Brenda Niall reviews 'March' by Geraldine Brooks

Brenda Niall
05 March 2019

Spacious and solidly constructed, the classic nineteenth-century novel invites revisiting. Later writers reconfigure its well-known spaces, change the lighting, More

Kerryn Goldsworthy reviews The Year of The Beast by Steven Carroll

Kerryn Goldsworthy
22 February 2019

In his 2017 essay ‘Notes for a Novel’, illuminatingly added as a kind of afterword at the end of this book, Steven Carroll recalls a dream that he had twenty years ago. It was this dre More

Ben Eltham reviews 'The Marmalade Files' by Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann

Ben Eltham
26 October 2012

The Marmalade Files is a novel by Canberra press gallery veterans Steve Lewis and Chris Uhlmann. Set in 2011, it is a fast-paced political thriller with decidedly modest ambitions. Probably intended as a thriller or a light-hearted romp through Canberra’s back rooms, The Marmalade Files fails on both counts. It is a sort of bastard potboiler, weirdly ... More

Emma Ashmere reviews 'The Raven's Heart' by Jesse Blackadder

Emma Ashmere
14 April 2011
Mary Queen of Scots, widow of the youthful French king, returns from her long exile in France to a country bereft of pageantry... More

James Bradley reviews 'Bird Cloud' by Annie Proulx

James Bradley
24 March 2011

Almost two decades ago, when The Shipping News (1993) transformed Annie Proulx into an unlikely literary superstar, one might have been forgiven for...


James Ley reviews 'Freedom' by Jonathan Franzen

James Ley
07 December 2010

In 1996, with two well-received but not widely read novels to his credit, Jonathan Franzen published a long essay in Harper’s magazine in which he aired his concerns about the n More