December 2011–January 2012, no. 337

December 2011–January 2012, no. 337

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Reference vision

By year’s end, it’s not easy to become giddy-headed about our daily cache of new publications, but one book from Cambridge University Press that turne ...

Letters to the Editor - December 2011-January 2012


Whither anthropology?

Dear Editor,

Emma Kowal’s review of my book (November 2011) is by and large a generous one, and ye ...

Joel Deane reviews 'The Sweet Spot' by Peter Hartcher and 'The Fog On The Hill' by Frank Sartor

Joel Deane

On 7 November, Paul Keating appeared on ABC TV’s 7.30 to promote his new book of speeches,  After Words. Keating’s response to Leigh Sales’s first question about political leadership was instructive:

Norman Etherington reviews 'An Eye for Eternity: The Life of Manning Clark' by Mark McKenna

Norman Etherington

Recognising biography as ‘one of the new terrors of death’, the eighteenth-century wit John Arbuthnot made sure his life would be sparsely documented. Manning Clark, preoccupied with his inevitable extinction, took the opposite tack. He massively archived all his thoughts and doings as a strategy ...

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