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Ryan Cropp

Ryan Cropp

Ryan Cropp is a Sydney-based writer and historian. He is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney.

Ryan Cropp reviews 'Practice: Journalism, essays and criticism' by Guy Rundle

May 2019, no. 411 22 April 2019
Not long into the Obama era, the American comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted a high-profile ‘Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear’ in Washington, DC. In front of an enormous crowd of well-intentioned liberals, Stewart made a case for a return to the sensible centre. ‘We live in hard times, not end times,’ he declared. ‘The press is our immune system. If we overreact to every ... (read more)

Ryan Cropp reviews 'The Death and Life of Australian Soccer' by Joe Gorman

December 2017, no. 397 24 November 2017
During the past few European summers, several of the world’s biggest soccer clubs have deigned to visit Australian shores for branding exercises more commonly referred to as ‘friendlies’. These dull, meaningless matches are organised almost solely to line the pockets of the visiting clubs, yet they have been immensely popular. Australia’s local soccer competition, the A-League, is modelled ... (read more)

Ryan Cropp reviews 'Donald Horne: Selected writings' edited by Nick Horne

August 2017, no. 393 23 July 2017
The American novelist Richard Yates once remarked to an interviewer that he had the misfortune of having written his best book first. He might have found an ally in Donald Horne, whose first book, The Lucky Country, is perhaps the most widely read piece of social criticism ever written by an Australian. Published in 1964, its famous and often misinterpreted title entered the Australian lexicon and ... (read more)