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Pam Brown

Pam Brown

Pam Brown has been writing, collaborating, editing, and publishing in diverse modes for decades now. Several of her many books of poetry have been on the shortlists and have sometimes won the prize. In 2019, Click here for what we do (Vagabond Press) was awarded the ALS Gold Medal. Her most recent book is Endings & Spacings (Never Never Books, 2021). Pam lives in Sydney on Gadigal land.

Pam Brown reviews 'The Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry in English' edited by Ian Hamilton

June 1994, no. 161 01 June 1994
As a preliminary I must say, frankly, that I am hardly interested in canonised literary culture. And having known for a long time that it is absurd to criticise the conventional literary establishment and then expect its attention or affection, I can also say that canonical inclusion has never been a personal aspiration. However, I am alert to the ramifications of the processes of historicisation. ... (read more)

Pam Brown reviews 'Sydney Spleen' by Toby Fitch

September 2021, no. 435 19 August 2021
Sydney-based poet and editor Toby Fitch has spent much of the last decade traversing the field of radical French modernist poets, especially Arthur Rimbaud and Guillaume Apollinaire. That engagement ignited Fitch’s imagination. He began inverting, recombining, mistranslating, and mimicking their techniques in his own poetry. In his new collection, Sydney Spleen, he has made a sophisticated, fres ... (read more)