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Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green has worked as a writer, reviewer, academic and publisher. She has also produced a collection of short fiction, Too Much Too Soon (2006). Stephanie is Lecturer in Public Writing at Griffith University.

Stephanie Green reviews 'Texas' by Sarah Hay

June 2008, no. 302 01 June 2008
Sarah Hay’s new novel is set in north-western Australia against a background of intense heat and bone-hard country, a continent away from the grim southern island setting of her previous novel, Skins (2001). Although this second novel by the Vogel-winning author explores a very different place and time, the two novels share some common terrain. Both unfold in remote locations where conditions of ... (read more)

Stephanie Green reviews 'The Sinkings' by Amanda Curtin

October 2008, no. 305 01 October 2008
Part historical murder mystery, part journey towards reconciliation, at the heart of Amanda Curtin’s novel, The Sinkings, is a figure whom we barely meet but whose existence is the key to this remarkable narrative. Set in Ireland, Scotland and Western Australia, The Sinkings tracks the life of Little Jock – lost child, survivor of the Potato Famine, convict and murder victim – through the e ... (read more)

Stephanie Green reviews 'Mosquito creek' by Robert Engwerda

June 2010, issue no. 322 01 June 2010
A flooding river in the Victorian goldfields of the late 1890s dominates Robert Engwerda’s second novel, Mosquito Creek. Hidden undercurrents, old secrets and the threat of imminent death shadow this compelling narrative. Engwerda strives for a mood of anticipation, which is heightened by longing and brutality. The story follows events in the lives of several key inhabitants of a remote township ... (read more)

Stephanie Green reviews 'Skins' by Sarah Hay

December 2002-January 2003, no. 247 01 December 2002
Set beyond the pale of white settlement, Sarah Hay’s Skins is a compelling and often violent story of an Englishwoman shipwrecked off the southern coast of Western Australia in 1835. Winner of the 2002 Australian/Vogel Literary Award, it is a powerful evocation of a time and place rarely featured in Australian literary fiction. ... (read more)