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Ros Pesman

Ros Pesman is a former Challis Professor of History at the University of Sydney.

Ros Pesman reviews ‘Lorenzo De’ Medici And The Art Of Magnificence’ by F.W. Kent

February 2006, no. 278 01 February 2006
In October 2005, Monash University hosted a workshop on Australians in Italy at its Centre in the Palazzo Vaj in Prato. Australians in Italy were certainly visible in the week of the conference. Wall posters in Rome advertised the Macquarie Bank and an exhibition, Viaggio nella Provincia di Roma di una pittrice australiana, the paintings of the expatriate artist Janet Venn-Brown. In Florence, the ... (read more)

Ros Pesman reviews 'Mussolini' by R.J.B. Bosworth

August 2002, no. 243 01 August 2002
An Australian tourist visiting Italy in the mid-1930s wrote home: ‘you may say what you like about Mussolini but you cannot deny that he has done a more amazing thing than anyone else in history.’ Unstinting admiration for Fascist Italy was common in Australian references to Italy in the interwar years; politicians, businessmen, Catholic prelates, Protestant pastors and middle-class tourists a ... (read more)

Ros Pesman reviews 'The Medici Women: Gender and power in renaissance Florence' by Natalie Tomas

May 2004, no. 261 01 May 2004
The history of fifteenth-century Florence is indissolubly linked to the Medici, the political bosses and patrons of the arts who presided over the city-state’s Renaissance. The names of Cosimo, Lorenzo and Giovanni, known to God and the world as Pope Leo X, immediately come to the fore in any discussion of Renaissance Italy. Rarely heard are the names of their female kin: Contessa de’ Bardi, w ... (read more)