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Craig Sherborne

Craig Sherborne is an Australian poet, playwright and novelist based in Melbourne. His most recent book is The Grass Hotel (2022).

Craig Sherborne reviews ‘Franca: My story’ by Franca Arena and ‘Speaking for Myself Again: Four years with Labor and beyond’ by Cheryl Kernot

September 2002, no. 244 01 September 2002
If Cheryl Kernot writes another book – and if Speaking for Myself Again is anything to go by, you had better hope she doesn’t – her publishers should at the very least make sure the punctuation police do their job. It appears they didn’t even show up to the scene of the accident this time. Exclamation marks are strewn throughout the work. Each time Kernot wants to bitterly labour a point, ... (read more)

Craig Sherborne reviews ‘Martini: A memoir’ by Frank Moorhouse

December 2005–January 2006, no. 277 01 December 2005
Australia has become a cocktail country. Those multicoloured, sorbet-like concoctions that young women drink in twilight-lit bars with techno music for a soundtrack. Liquid lollies for the adult-children of our economic prosperity. It has not, however, become a martini country, as Frank Moorhouse might put it. No matter how many little cocktail bars spring up, often without signage, in the backstr ... (read more)

'Ice House' a poem by Craig Sherborne

May 2006, no. 281 01 May 2006
It’s before I got the wandering eye.I daydream I’ve already left:without her each morning I’d be able to wake,stretch in bed-warmth, blink used to light, not liefeigning sleep in case she cradles my back,her lap flexing for my elbow to liftto take her arm onto my chest. I keep stilluntil she shadow-dresses upon the wall. ... (read more)