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Susan Gorgioski

Susan Gorgioski lives in Australia. She enjoys reading and writing. Her work has been published in Meanjin, Arena, and others.

Susan Gorgioski reviews 'A Guide to the Birds of East Africa' by Nicholas Drayson

October 2008, no. 305 01 October 2008
Mr Malik, a shy and thoughtful widower, has become enamoured with the dignified and intelligent Mrs Rose Mbikwa. Mrs Mbikwa is the leader of the Tuesday morning bird walk of the East African Ornithological Society. As Mr Malik painfully summons the courage to invite Mrs Mbikwa to the Hunt Ball, a rival appears on the scene in the form of the raffish, rich and unscrupulous Mr Khan. Instantly charme ... (read more)

Susan Gorgioski reviews ‘Political Animals’ by Sonya Voumard

April 2009, no. 310 01 April 2009
Alison Chesterton works in the Canberra press gallery. She is single, promiscuous, jaded, cynical, disillusioned; she wonders about the health of her soul. The languor of another day in Canberra is interrupted by a phone call bringing the journalist’s Holy Grail, an inside tip: the first scent of a story that will break hearts and create reputations. It is also the animating act in the narrative ... (read more)

Susan Gorgioski reviews 'Martin Westley Takes a Walk' by Andrew Humphreys

May 2010, no. 321 01 May 2010
Martin Westley takes a walk one day and accidentally triggers a series of events, transforming the walk into a tragicomic life-changing expedition. While strolling along the coastal path between the beaches at Bronte and Clovelly, Martin is struck on the temple and loses consciousness. On waking he gradually realises that he doesn’t know his name, has lost his memories and has no idea who he is. ... (read more)

Susan Gorgioski reviews 'Palimpsest' by Kathryn Koromilas

June 2010, issue no. 322 01 June 2010
Kally Palamas is an Australian of Greek descent; a trained and published philosopher barely coping with a personal tragedy in the man-made caves of Cooper Pedy. Estranged from her lover and living a solipsistic life, her world is disrupted when she travels to Greece to deal with the ceremony of her father’s death. Her father, Akindynos Palamas, had been one of the many Greek migrants to travel ... (read more)

Susan Gorgioski reviews 'Book of Lost Threads' by Tess Evans

July–August 2010, no. 323 01 July 2010
When Miranda Ophelia Sinclair, ‘Moss’ to her friends, discovers a document featuring the name of her heretofore unknown father, she sets out to find him and to discover her genetic roots. Her complicated family history is gradually exposed when she finds her father, Finn, living as a near-recluse in a town called Opportunity. Finn’s next-door neighbour is Lily Pargetter: aged, lonely, haun ... (read more)