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L.L. Robson

L.L. Robson was the author of A History of Tasmania: Volume One: From the earliest times to 1855.

L.L. Robson reviews 'Australia Since the Coming of Man' by Russel Ward and 'New History: Studying Australia today' edited by G. Osborne and W.F. Mandie

November 1982, no. 46 01 November 1982
Russel Ward’s new book is a revision of History, which he published in 1965, mainly for an American audience. In fact, it was read more in Australia and now he has extended the work, put in more detail, and, presumably in response to recent developments, included some cursory glances at the doings of Aborigines, explorers, and the female half of the Australian people. The author also announces ... (read more)

L.L. Robson reviews 'Solid Bluestone Foundations and Other Memories of a Melbourne Girlhood, 1908-1928' by Kathleen Fitzpatrick

June 1983, no. 51 01 June 1983
Kathleen Fitzpatrick wanted to be an actress. Instead, she became a famous lecturer and teacher in the History Department at the University of Melbourne, and in one of the frequent revealing asides in her memoir implies that perhaps this fact explained her ability as an inspiring lecturer. I say ‘implies’ because the author is far too decent and modest to assert that her most profound influen ... (read more)